︎ Material: Mild Steel
︎ Thickness: 0.125”
︎ Finish: Raw
︎ Made in USA
︎ Failed Penny’s sniff test

This is Penny - Quality Control K9. But more like a K10 out of 10. As you can see, she is a beacon of perfection and demands that all of our parts be subjected to the highest levels of scrutiny involved in her Sniff Test.

Alright. Now that you’re here it’s probably safe to assume you’re cheap. You want a deal. Maybe the Man’s got you down, maybe you spent all your money on a water pump and timing belt or maybe it’s just in your DNA. Well, whatever it is, you came to the right place because I’ve got a deal for you.

First off, all of the items on this page will work! I’m not going to post pictures and describe what qualifies each and every individual piece as a DINGDENT. The bottom line is that they have all failed Penny’s sniff test. But, like I said, they will work. The photos are examples of DINGDENTS. Some imperfections are imperceptible while others will make even an untrained eye wince. The images are not necessarily the parts you will recieve if you choose to go down this path but they will likely be similar. The following list outlines what Penny sniffs for. 

  1. Unsightly blemmishes.
  2. Small hole too big. First prototypes have a 0.5” diameter small  hole. Once the piggy went to market I made it a bit smaller. You’ll probably want a beefier washer if you get one. I may or may not provide one. 
  3. The bend is too great. Meaning I bent the piece too far and it’s damn near a 90 degree angle. 
  4. Edge bevel not all that square.

Some of the parts will suffer from all of these ills. Some only one. Can you choose? No. Perhaps soon but there are bigger fish to fry right now. These are things you’ll probably be able to overlook because you’re cheap and you’ll do anything to save a couple bucks. It’s a risk I’m sure you’re comfortable taking. Good luck. 

- Penny ︎