(Sam)BarACKET 2.OO & 3.OoO

︎ Material: 316 SS or Mild Steel
︎ Thickness: 0.125”
︎ Finish: Raw
︎ Made in USA



All stainless steel threads should be lubricated ...

to prevent galling and corrosion – ideally with a Nickel based lubricant such as Loctite 771 or a PTFE based lubricant such as SUPER LUBE. PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene.
The BarACKET is a bracket made for the oddball spacing of a Sambar and Carry. A Sambaracket. The latch bolts are a bit further apart than on my Acty and the BarACKET accomodates that oddity. My dimensions are based on the info I have received from 2 caliper equipped Sambar owners. This should fit in all of the double bolt locations in the bed of a Sambar. I haven’t tested it but damn near certain it will work.

I’ve got 2 versions here. One with 2 holes and one with 3. The 3 hole version is a bit wider and has that 3rd little hole. What’s it for? You tell me.


I highly reccomend putting acorn nuts or any kind of nut on the back of the bolts that go through the latches. They thread right into the latch plate. That plate feels decent but it’s not that thick, combine that with an overtightened ratchet strap and the town hooker won’t be the only thing stripping tonight.


As I’ve said before, I recommend painting these things. Primer is everything as you know, please let it dry, completely. If you choose not to paint, at least wax them... with a crayon or spray with some Permalac. Grease works too. Or you can always raw dog it. It’s risky but it’s your life. They’ll last either way but you’ll be able to watch them age.