BrACTY 2.oO v4

︎ Material: 316 SS
︎ Thickness: 0.125”
︎ Finish: Brushed SS / Raw Mild
︎ Made in USA


The spacing of the 2 bolts that hold the latches on is TOO WIDE and it will not fit. HOWEVER, it will fit comfortably on the 2 vertical bolts up by the cab and the 2 bolts that hold the chain thingy at the tailgate. That said, I’ve got you covered. These will fit the Sambar and they fit Carry’s too. SAMBARACKET.


All stainless steel threads should be lubricated ...

to prevent galling and corrosion – ideally with a Nickel based lubricant such as Loctite 771 or a PTFE based lubricant such as SUPER LUBE. PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene.

The 2.oO v2 differs from the original 2.oO in size. This version is a little smaller. The holes are 3/4” diameter, down from 1”. The overall size is more compact with a lower profile.

The BrACTY 2.oO v2 has 2 holes, well, 4 but you get it.  Oddly enough the Acty truck bed has 4 areas on each side with a double bolt pattern. 3 of those spots have differet bolt spacing. The slotted hole allows the BRACTY2.oO v2 to fit into any one of these locations.


I have a 1993 Acty. I am uncertain if these will fit on any other years. 


If you select the hardware I will send you 4 bolts and 4 washers. The bolts are sized M6. M6 is the size of bolt on all of the tailgates. The bolts behind the cab are M8. I’ll be offering that soon but I just don’t have them yet. 


Right now I only have Black, Grey , Yellow, Pink, Purple and Raw silver. Mix and match if you want. Just let me know in the notes. 


There isn’t really a left side or a right side. The 2 designs work on either side but you’ll probably find where they were best. They work upsidedown or rightsideup.


I  recommend putting acorn nuts or some kind of nut on the back of the bolts that go through the latches. They thread right into the latch plate. That plate feels decent but it’s not that thick, combine that with an overtightened ratchet strap and the town hooker won’t be the only thing stripping tonight. I’ll get the thread size of that bolt shorlty.


As I’ve said before, I recommend painting the mild steel versions. Primer is everything as you know, please let it dry, completely. If you don’t want to paint at least wax them... with a crayon or spray with some Permalac. Grease works too. Or you can always raw dog it. It’s risky but it’s your life. They’ll last either way but you’ll be able to watch them age.